August Wish List

Hey guys,

Here is my August Wish List. Following my previous wish list, I wanted to stick to my interest of buying more unique pieces. I’m still trying to buy more sustainable purchases but obviously it’s harder to branch away from typical fast fashion houses because they adapt quickly to trends that are seen in social media posts. When I do search through these sustainable brands, I actually find pieces I prefer to popular online stores. It’s also a bonus buying pieces you know not as many people have. Even though they are slightly more pricey, I would say the smaller brands that focus on things like sustainability have much better quality products, so the price is worth it normally.

Bag: Matt & Nat | £115
Eye Mask: The Maker Place | £15
Yellow Jumper: ASOS | £55
Fake Lavender Flowers: TK MAXX | £6.99
Pink Vases: Beaumont Organic | £22
Corduroy Dress: Monsoon | £70
Corduroy Hat: H&M | £12.99
Pink “Romantic” Jumper: Chinti & Parker | £295
Headband: Anthropologie | £28
Blue Dress: Anthropologie | £118
Earrings: Neutre | £80

Faro, Portugal

May Wish List

Hey guys,

Here is my May Wish List. I find that so many lovely products come out in this spring/summer transition. If you’re similar to me and love summer, you would also find yourself particularly wanting most of the summer collections. I personally just find all the colours much more appealing because they are so bright and colourful. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping these summer pieces in your homes during other seasons. I think we all find that the majority of us are waiting for summer most of the year. 

Recently, I have been trying to buy more artisan products just because I find they have more personality to them and they are more unique compared to typical fast fashion large stores. I have always been a fan of buying things off Etsy, but recently I have been trying to explore other brands not stocked there that are focused on fair trade and ethical production.

 What are your favourite pieces?

Laura x