Beauty Haul

Hey guys, hope you've had a lovely weekend! I decided to go and do some beauty shopping on Saturday in a girly mood.  I headed over to Primark, Superdrug and Debenhams.

Here's my Primark beauty products, I picked up beaded nail varnish which I had never tried before. I did it when I got home and realised how annoying it is. No idea how it will go when I try to get it off my nails.
On the positive side I love the blue nail varnish it came with so if I don't want to use the beads again I will still use the colour!

The nail file was £1, the blusher brush and the foundation and concealer brush were £1.50 each,
the 3D embellished nails were £2.50, the hairbands were £1 and the eye lashes were £1.

I used a deal of 4 for 3 in Superdrug on their new face masks, I used one later that night, hence why there's only 3 in the pictures. Unfortunately while getting those I passed the makeup on the way to buy them...which meant I picked up more nail varnishes.
I got a base coat for dry nails because after painting my nails so often when I was on holiday they needed some help. The other three I thought were really cute colours and the black and green were textured ones which I love.

The Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask and all the others were 99p each, but they have a 4 for 3 deal on. The base coat  was £8.99 and the white nail varnish was £7.99. The Barry M black sequin was £3.99 and the Barry M textured green was also £3.99.

In Debenhams I got my Paco Robanne Lady Million perfume which is probably my favourite one.
Laura xo

Summer Catch Up

Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd do a summer catch up through photos. I went to South Carolina for two weeks to stay with my grandparents which was so much fun because I got to go with them to look at Clemson University.
When I got back I had a BBQ with about 15 friends before I went away again. I found these earrings in a little boutique shop in America and loved them, I'm obsessed with red jewellery.

I went away for a girls holiday over to Zante, which was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. I'm definitely going back next summer for a month or two. We went on a boat trip into all the caves which was amazing because the water's so clear.

I got a henna tattoo done while I was there on my shoulder of a rose, which I thought was really cute.
Finally only 3 days after getting back from Zante, I went off to see my Dad in Portugal where I'm staying for three weeks then back to England finally. I can't wait to get back into my bed:)
I'm going to make sure I keep updating this blog now! Hope you've had a nice summer!

Laura xo