Current Favourites

1. Blended
2. The Purge: Anarchy
3. Calexi Sneakers - Lacoste
4. Dairy Milk: Crunchie
5. Cuckoo Chelsea Boot - Office
6. Tall Rose Blue Satin A-line dress - Topshop
7. Where Rainbows End - Cecelia Ahern
8. Monki Kimono Blazer - ASOS
9. Diamonds by the yard pendant - Tiffany
10. Etched Stone Cuff bracelet - ASOS

Laura xo


  1. That Purge movie really scares me. I haven't seen it, but the thought out it terrifies me! LOL

    1. You should watch the 2nd one if you ever watch one of them.
      It's better than the first..but really scary too.. haha

  2. I really want to see Blended, it looks really funny! I'd love it if you did the favourites tag that I've recently done over on my blog? I'll leave a link here so that you can see the questions. I'd love to read your answers!


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