5 Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn is the definition of cosy blankets, spiced candles and cinnamon flavoured coffee. I mean who can't love those days where it's bright overcast but still not as cold as winter yet. I tend to spend most of autumn layered up in jumpers walking place to place carrying a coffee cup (mostly hot chocolate) between classes and trying not to fog up my glasses on those good old lecture days. It's my favourite month and for many reasons...but hey here's 5 of them..

PYO Pumpkin

As you can see from the theme of these pictures, I have recently been pumpkin picking. I went to Garsons Farm in Surrey. They have a pick your own pumpkin field as well as a farmer's shop which is one of my favourite places to pick up fresh fruit & veg, as well as an olive station etc etc.  I tend to carve my pumpkin and make pumpkin soup or try a new recipe each time. Last year I attempted to make a 3 course meal with each dish involving pumpkin, I'd say 2/3 were edible.

Flavoured Coffee

This year I was introduced to Dunkin Donut's Cinnamon Coffee Roll. I can not express how good this coffee is. (I haven't looked into how unhealthy it is but I'm going to avoid that for a while) I bought mine off Amazon for about £15. If you guys have any other suggestions let me know! 


I can embarrassingly admit that I have a wardrobe dedicated to jumpers, knitwear and hoodies. They range from fitted jumpers to huge oversized hoodies. Autumn is that time for me to rethink what jumpers I actually wear often enough to keep and to replace some. At the moment I really want that jumper I'm sure we have all seen everywhere, it's the H&M Get Off My Back jumper.

Cosy Bedding

I am currently loving a heated faux fur blanket that I got a year ago from Lakeland. I also have to recommend Next's fleeced bedding, if you like being warm and cosy at night, you will love this. Autumn is great for anything labelled as brushed cotton. My eyes seem to scan Primark homeware for that...

Spiced Candle

My favourite autumn candle this year is Hollyberry Spiced Toddy from The Candleberry Company. I really recommend this brand. I got a large jar from a garden centre and it's lasting me a long time. I think it's the strongest scented candle I've ever bought, even beating Yankee Candle.

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