H&M Spring Haul

H&M has suddenly become a favourite place for my knitwear purchases. They currently have great lightweight, yet cosy jumpers for this spring transition. Here are a few jumpers I bought earlier this week.

I have to admit the red and white stripe jumper might be my favourite purchase. They all are so soft and perfect for everyday wear. Unfortunately the downside to studying knitwear is that you can’t wear knit whilst knitting on a machine. Ironic that a knitter can’t wear knit. It gets caught on the needles and pulls threads out. Their jumpers are all very affordable which is great when you want to pick out a few different colours.

Have you guys started buying any spring purchases yet?


  1. I love the colors, the blue sweater is my favorite!

    1. Same, I feel like you always need bright colours for spring/summer.

      Laura x


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