UUnique London: Phone Case Review

UUnique London reached out to me to review their phone cases. I’m always interested in having multiple options of cases because I think it’s nice to change it around depending on your outfits or mood. They gifted me three phone cases that are all very high quality and different styles. The selection of these three were great to open my mind up to variations of phone cases combined with wallets.

This snake skin case might be my favourite. I’ve currently got the case on my phone, and I’m loving it. UUnique London use real leather, which means that the fabric is really good quality and sturdy. I don’t often buy real leather but I think it’s great to use it in everyday items, such as phone cases, shoes and bags. I find leather lasts a long time and stays in good condition. This phone case is combined with a wallet that unzips to hold your phone inside. It has three card slots on the side and has a chain to carry it with. Personally, I usually keep my card in the back of my phone case. This eventually becomes a bit of a pain trying to take it off every time you need your card. That’s why I think these wallets can be really useful. It’s definitely a safer way to store your cards.
These two pink cases are both similar, in that they are really well made. The printed pink case has a magnet to shut the case and protect the phone. If you’re someone that drops your phone a lot, this style would really help. The protective layer on top would stop the impact on your phone. The chihuahua phone case is so cute. It has jewels on top of the print.

UUnique London gave me a discount code ‘bigglassesandcoffeecups’ for you guys to use for 10% off. So check their website out! I definitely recommend them if you’re in need of a well made phone case. Even though they are made with high quality materials, they are really affordable too.

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